Translate All - Speech Text Translator

This app is free to download. It has been downloaded for more than 5 million times and its ranking is 4.4 on the basis of 20 thousand reviews. So, overall this application falls in good category. To download this application, click on

This app is listed in Tools category of Google app store and can be installed in all androide devices supporting 17 api and above. In order to speedup the processing speed Translate All developers allows its users to download original apk file.

Before explaining this application, let me clear an important thing regarding its usage experience. This application contains advertisement. These advertisements pop up so frequently and fills all of your screen that at times you will get annoyed while using this application.

In order to download this application, you must understand that you are providing following permissions (i) You are allowing to record audio (ii) Providing access to open network sockets (iii) Wi-Fi network access details (iv) Read only access for your mobile (v) Information regarding networks (vi) While using this your mobile will not sleep and this application prevents your screen from dimming (vii) Data is stored on external storage (viii) Rad and write from external storage (ix) Read and write sync settings (x) Install and un-install shortcut in Launcher

How to Use Translate All

After downloading open this application you will see two boxes. On the top of each box a language is mentioned. Change the languages to your desired languages. The left box represents language input box and right side is for the result, that this app will give after processing your input data. So, if you want to translate Urdu text into English just select Urdu language of left box and select English language of right box.

Now copy paste Urdu text of type Urdu text in the left box and tap OK. Your text will be translated into English.

You can use its audio version as well. Just click on the mic on the right side of the box and speak, the application will translate what you have spoken or provided input

Reviews of This Application

I had read few reviews and want to present their summary in front of you.

People say that this application works really well. But there are lots and lots of ads that pop up, and this thing gets worst when you are not even using this application, and writing an email and suddenly your screen will be bombarded with advertisements.

Users are a bit angry regarding advertisements shown by this application, but the results are quite good and above satisfactory level.

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