How to Study in Canada for Free

A Complete Guide & Tips for Anyone Who Wants to Study In Canada For Free

Canada is in the list of those countries which provide expensive education. If you study on self-expense in Canada, then you have to pay your tuition fee, registration fee, accommodation charges, food charges, and other charges annually. In simple words, an average student can't afford these types of charges. Many students are willing to study in Canada, but due to the high fee plus charges, they can't apply for admission. In this case, you have to show a high amount (depending upon the course limit) in your bank account that is not affordable by an average student. You can also study for free in Canada. There are many ways to get free education one of them is scholarships. These scholarships are available for both undergraduate & postgraduate level programs. If a person is determined & willing, then s/he can get a scholarship. Many people think that good marks are necessary for getting a scholarship. But if you don't have good marks you can also get a scholarship.

Scholarship getting criteria:

  • Educational Background (Nature of Courses):
  • Marks
  • Motivation
  • Job Experience
  • Language Skills
  • Future Prospect

Nature of Scholarships:

  • Governmental Scholarships
  • Non-Governmental Scholarships
  • Private Scholarships
  • Private Organizations Scholarships
  • University Scholarships
  • Your Country Organization

Types of Scholarships:

Canada is providing two types of scholarships:

1- Fully Funded Scholarships:

In Fully Funded Scholarship, the organization/university that hosted that scholarship pay all expenses regarding Tuition, living and whatever you need for educational purposes. Some of the full funded scholarships also provide you return a ticket facility (Chevening scholarships).

2- Partial Scholarships:

In Partial Scholarship, the organization/university that hosted that scholarship pay a fixed part of the tuition fee.

Applying for Scholarship:

You can apply for a scholarship through online resources without any extra effort by following methods.

Visiting Trusted Scholarships Portals:

Here is the list of some trusted online portals through which you can find and apply for a scholarship.

1- ( ):

  1. a) After visiting the site, click on the Menu Navbar
  2. b) After clicking, a sub-menu will show then click the 'Benefits'
  3. c) Click the 'Education and student aid' link and after that click the Students aid
  4. d) Under the 'Students aid' title click the Scholarships link.
  5. e) You can choose the scholarship (according to your case) from the Scholarships
  6. f) After choosing the scholarship, you can read the Eligibility Criteria, Applying Procedure, Scholarship date and hence, you can apply for a scholarship by following the guidelines.

2-International scholarship opportunities for non-Canadians ( ):

  1. a) First of all, create an account and fill out all the information needed and choose the type of scholarship.
  2. b) After visiting the site, choose the scholarships according to your region and click the Guidelines link for further details.
  3. c) You can choose different types of scholarships according to your choice from the left sidebar.

Visiting universities website directly:

You can also find the scholarship by visiting the Canadian universities websites directly.

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