How to Study in Germany for Free

Germany Student Visa:

A Complete Guide & Tips for Anyone Who Wants to Study in Germany for Free

Germany is one of best country for studying. It is known as the country providing free and quality education. Although Norway, France, Finland are also known as the countries for providing free education. But studying in Germany is the best option for you. You can study bachelor, masters and Ph.D. programs for free in Germany. If you want to study in Germany, then follow these steps:

Admission Requirements:

As education is free in Germany, therefore it has strict admission requirements because people from all over the world apply for admissions in Germany. According to Admissions Rule of Germany, you can apply for admission after your 13 years of studies.

For B. A/B.Sc./B. Com Degree holders:

As Pakistan doesn't offer 13 years of education, so in this case, you can directly apply for admission in Germany, if you have a B. A/B.Sc./B. Com Degree.

For F.Sc./ F.A Degree Holders:

 In this case, you will need to take a 1-year foundational program in Studienkolleg. After doing the course, you have to pass the assessment test (Feststellungsprufung). After qualifying the assessment test, you will be able to apply for admission in Germany.

For A-levels Students:

After completion of the degree, A-levels students can also apply for admission in Germany. The following are the mandatory admission requirements for A-levels students.

  1. Studied four subjects during A-levels

The A-Levels students must have studied these four subjects to get admission in Germany:

1- Language

2- Chemistry

3- Physics

4- Biology

  1. Mandatory Subjects for AS-levels:

Those students who studied chemistry in As-Levels are not qualified to apply for admission, while those who studied Biology, Physics and Language in AS-levels can apply for admission.

For DAE Students:

 In Studienkolleg, Foundation Program course (For DAE Students) offered in the German language instead of the English language. They have to learn the German Language. For that course, you must have a B1 level German language certificate. You can also learn the German language from the internet in 6 months. But you must have a B1 level certificate of the specialized institute.


In Pakistan, you can do a course from

  1. NUML University
  2. Goethe Institute, Lahore

Language Requirements:

There is a vast number of courses offered in Germany. Germany offered courses to almost 900 international students.

For German Language Programs:

In Germany, the universities offer 90% of the courses in the German Language. In this case, you must have a strong command on the German language. If you choose a German language course, then you must require C1 to C2 German Language level for admission in Germany. You can achieve C1 to C2 level in 8-10 months. C1 level is the hardest language level, but you can get that level if you have a strong will of studying in Germany.

For English Language Programs:

Those students who are willing to study English Language Programs in Germany require 6 Bands for Graduation and 6.5 – 7 Bands for Masters programs.

Best Courses for Study:

You can study all English Level Programs in Germany. But courses just like Law, Generalism, Social Work are not suitable for international students.

How to Get Admission

If you want to take admission in Germany, then you must follow these steps:

  1. a) Visit Daad Website to Find Courses ( ):

Visit the Daad Website for finding the universities offering your selected course. You can also find the location of the universities.

  1. b) Find the Ranking of Universities:

You can find the ranking of the universities by visiting the following link ( ).

University Education Fee:

Germany is known as the country for providing quality and free education. There is no tuition fee for international students in all of the states of Germany except Baden-Württemberg state. This opportunity is for all the students applying for graduate, masters and Ph.D. programs. You have to pay only a semester contribution fee of 700 – 800 euro per semester (6 months) and some health insurance fees.

Work Permission:

You are allowed to do work for 120 days as a full-time job and 240 days as a part-time job with your studies. You can work up to 20 hours per week while studying. If you want to get the job quickly, then you have to learn the German language.

Settlement after Studies:

After completion of your degree, the German Government provides you with an 18 years’ visa for job search. You can easily search for a job in that duration. If you get a job, then you can easily convert your student visa to a work visa. You can also do a German Language course to get a good job.

Should You Hire an Agent?

The German government doesn’t demand to hire an agent for visa consultation. There is no need to hire a visa consultant.  You can apply for a German visa personally. But there is a DAAD Information Center in Islamabad which provides visa information. You can take German visa information by visiting the information center.

Other Visa Expenses:

a-    Visa Applying Fee:

German Visa is a long-term and D category visa. When you apply for German Visa, you will be charged 75 euros as a visa applying fee.

b-    Extra Documents Attestation:

When you apply for the attestation of documents, then at the first time it is free and second time you will be charged Rs-1500 for documents attestation.

c-    Opening of Account:

Now you can open an account in UBL bank for free. But if you want to open an account in Deutsche Bank (German Bank), then you will be charged 20 euros for your signature verification. In this case, you should visit the embassy for your signature verification.

In Germany, the universities charge no tuition fee. You can get an International level degree for free. Eight universities of Germany are in the list of ‘Top 100 Universities of the World’. Almost a large number of noble prize winner’s professors are teaching in German Universities. If you want to excel in life and want to get an international level degree, then Germany is the best option for you.

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