How to Get Job Offer from Canada

Securing a job from Canadian employer is the biggest hurdle for Pakistanis who wishes to immigrate to Canada. This article will explain 7 easy and cheap ways to secure a job in Canada.

Job Offer for Overseas Nationals

We can’t afford to go to Canada just for networking, or just for job application process or for finding career opportunity in Canada. Moreover, not all of us can afford to get admission in Canadian University and then complete the degree and in the mean time develop strong networks or secure a good job. Because Universities in Canada are very expensive and those who can afford cannot guarantee to secure admission in Canada.

Job offers for Canadian Immigration

There are 3 different groups that do not require a job offer to work in Canada.

Those professions that do not need work permit

  • Group 1: Certain Self-Employed career
  • Group 2: Certain Skilled Worker profession
  • Group 3: Investors or business owners

If anyone falls in any of the above mentioned group, s/he don’t needs a job offer to work in Canada but If s/he is not in any of the above-mentioned group then job offer is required to work in Canada.

How to get a Job Offer

There are 7 easy ways to secure a job offer from a Canadian employer from Pakistan.


The easiest way to secure a job offer. If you don’t have anyone in Canada may be your relatives or friends have someone settled in Canada. It is the easiest way to use your connections in Canada to put your foot in the door. If you know the right people you will get the job offer easily.


Canadian Employers are heavily relying on external recruiting agencies for their workforce. Contact with multiple Canadian Agencies.  Mosely these agencies are paid by Canadian employer. So, it is recommended to avoid those who ask payment from you for their services. Be careful while selecting recruiting agencies for Canadian job.

Canvassing Employers:

Contact Canadian employers who might be interested to hire a person of your skills. Contact them through cold calling method or by cold emails. Find the employer websites and apply by yourself.

Online Resources:

Simplest way is to search through online job sites, but success chances in this method are too low.

Job Bank:

Federal Government Job Website – Many Canadian workers find jobs through this website. This website is free for employers and Candidates. But not all the employers post their jobs on this website, specially if they have hired any external recruitment agency.


Many employers use LinkedIn and if you don’t have a LinkedIn profile you should create one. Apply for the jobs that fits you. If you send any job application to any employer, it is better to have a LinkedIn account because the employer will search you on LinkedIn as well.

Use Indeed Monster.

They are the Canadian online job websites that publish different jobs

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