How to get Canadian Job Visa

Apply Online and Get Job in Canada

In recent times it is possible to get a job by using online facilities. Canadian government had developed a strong mechanism through which you can find your desired job and start working in Canada. It is a lengthy process but surely if you possess some good skills you can get the job. So before packing your bags for Canada do the following simple step.

Online Canadian Job Portal

In the search box write your desired job e.g. “Sales manager” and you will get a list of jobs available for that specific category.

Select the best job that fits for you. Click on the job and you will get all details regarding the employer, job, salary and application process.

Just email them but make sure your email consists of your updated CV and a cover letter

Ingredients of Professional CV

There are two types of CVs

Functional CV:

This CV those who have gaps in their career after completion of their degree. Format of functional CV consists of following categories

  • Your Name
  • Address: Contact number and email address
  • Objective: What do you want to do in your life regarding career prospective
  • Key Qualification: Just provide an over view of your education, you don’t need to give specific details of the education. This is to hide major gaps and other loopholes e.g. I have passed higher school certification with very good marks.
  • Special Skills. E.g. team work, coordination,
  • technical expertise:
  • Professional experience: Wrote experience related to the job you are applying, but when you write the experience make sure it is verifiable.
  • Education details. Exact education details

Chorological CV: This CV is for those who had been working continuously and have no big gaps in their carrier since they have completed their studies. The format consists of following categories

  • Your Name:
  • Address
  • Contact Number
  • E-mail address
  • Carrier Objective: In which field you want to peruse
  • Education: Provide details regarding your education. Date, Degree. Grades etc. Start with your highest education then the one after that and so on.
  • Work Experience: Provide details such as job description, job tenure, company etc. Start off with your latest work experience and so on.
  • Awards: If applicable
  • Certification: If Applicable
  • Languages
  • Computer Skills
  • Extra Skills

After Developing you CV you have to make a cover letter. This letter is written with the prospective of the specific job it should not be generalized.

  • You have to mention the job title and the place from where you see the advertisement of the particular job.
  • Then explain relevant experience in one or two paragraphs.
  • Write a paragraph on key achievements related to the offered job.
  • Close the letter by providing your contact details etc.

If you can not write a professional CV or Cover Letter, it is highly recommended to get help from others. If you don’t get any response from the employer then don’t worry, there are numerous other jobs waiting for you on the same website.

Send your CVs to as much employers as you can and do this for 2-4 months.

Hope for the best and Good Luck for your Canadian Job

Go to Canadian official job website  Click Here

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