Enjoy 3-D View of Different Locations on Your Computer System

Google maps is mostly widely used on mobile phones, but you can use this service on your computer system. It is very easy to use this on website. If you use google maps on your computer this will allow you to access more features then on mobile application: very rich features are available on web browser. You can use hundreds of different features of google maps but this article explains just one feature i.e. searching places on earth and view them in 3D

See Your Home in 3D on Google Map

When you watch different locations on 3D view you feel that you are actually in that valley or place. No doubt one can see 3D view of different locations through mobile application but using this awesome service of google on web will give you surprising results. Results are more effective and fluent on computers.

Google maps shows street view of majority of the places exist on earth, those places that street view has been uploaded, you can be seen on 3D view. You will find it exciting when you are exploring different mountains of the world and other places. You may feel like you are actually walking through these places.

How to Use Google Map on Web

There are few simple steps to explore earth in 3D by using google maps. By following these steps one can explore any corner of the earth. Unfortunately, majority on people don’t use 3D feature and can’t explore the world in 3D

Step 1

Open your web and in search bar type any location you want to search. You can search your house as well.

Step 2

Zoon in and identify the exact place you want to see in 3D, on the right side a cartoon of human body will appear in yellow color, pick the cartoon and drop it on the place you want to see in 3D.

The street view of your selected location will appear, click on that direction point in street view to see the 3D view.

You will experience as you are walking in that place.

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