New Rules! New Businesses!! & New Immigration!! Changes in UK Immigration

UK economy is full of opportunities for the people who are capable and who know how to grab the market. Young entrepreneurs should come up with their own new and innovative ideas of business which will boost the overall economy and plays a positive role for the entrepreneurs and the UK.

So, for that purpose new start up visa of UK is introduced in spring 2019, individuals are welcomed in UK that have an innovative idea to set up their own business in UK. It just a head with an innovative idea. You don’t need and education, degree or start up finance. It is started that from 29th March 2019, Individuals can get 2 year start up visa. They can take their families with themselves if they are married.

First you have to get endorsement letter from the endorsing bodies. Before this program UK entrepreneurship stream visa i.e. (Tier 1 visa) was very difficult to get its requirements are very difficult and refusal rate was very high.

But this year has started with an awesome opportunity for the business mind people who were planning to get a chance and settle in UK. This is the right time to grab your opportunity with your own ideas and skills. You can apply from anywhere from the world.

No highest degree is required just the innovative ideas and capabilities to achieve that and the letter to enter in the UK business world is required.

Basic English language level required (CEF Level B2 equivalent to IELTS 5.5 band) and fee for applying for this visa is 363 pound.

Families can also enjoy the benefit of this business visa by staying together in the UK. Bank statement level is just 945 pound in for the last three months in your personal bank account. For family members, 630 pound in your account for each member.

You have to visit visa application centers no matter where you live. You have to visit Karachi, Lahore or Islamabad to submit your biometric information and documents. Then you will get your decision in a period of 3 to 4 weeks. It will be for the 2 years and it is not extendable, but you can switch this visa to any other visa like investor visa.

Endorsement letter is the main turning point in this case. It is necessary that your business plan will boost UK economy. Endorsement bodies will give you the letter after checking your capabilities and it is not easy for everyone to get this because only those individuals will get this, that have innovative unique business idea.

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